Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Hello October!

The days are really starting to pick up around our house.

First, it's been a tough few weeks for us. D and I made the tough decision to have Baby E stay with my parents in Houston for the month of October. Why you ask? Ever since E had moved to her new school it just didn't feel right to us. The atmosphere wasn't the same as before, E started crying a lot during the day and we just kept having that parent alarm go off in our heads. We made the decision we would rather have E in Houston surrounded by love then have her spend 9 hours in a place that lacked love. So now we have been seeing her on the weekends. It sucks! The first week was fine because E has spent days with both sets of grandparents and it's been wonderful. But 3 days versus 1 month is quite different. Anyways, E starts her new and improved school (indoor putt putt anyone??) November 1st. Think Beverly Hills for people who toilet train. On the positive side...E spending 24/7 with my parents as she learns to use the potty is really a godsend. My baby poo'd at PF Changs on Saturday night in the potty. Yes the feeling of excitement was beyond. She is brilliant. Here's a picture of her after her momentous feat.

Other than that, we've been planning for our Big Announcement on October 19th. Being uber superstitious, I can only give a few clues like "Plateau" and "Soft Chamois". Even "Bleached Linen" is attending the clue party. Oh and these photos at Lowes on Saturday

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