Wednesday, November 10, 2010


Yay!  Sunday we celebrated our first Halloween at our new house.  We had so much fun preparing for the day.  For dinner I made chili (a small tradition we started last year).  We eat a lot of chili in our house, but for special occasions I bring out the 1988 Chilympiad winning recipe to make.  It is sooo delicious!
Anyways, we had chili and prepared to pass out candy.  Our family themed costume was "The Wizard of Oz" starring us!  Dax was the Tin Man, E was Dorothy, Roxy was Toto and I was the Scarecrow.  We made our costumes (a requirement in our household!) and went outside.  Well...not too many people showed up at the house, and even less homes had their light on.  I was really excited to meet all the neighbors, when in actuality, I only met 3 households.
Anyways, we really enjoyed the evening and already planning our costumes for 2011.  What is it you may ask???  Hah! Like I am going to share that with you now!  You wouldn't come back to read in twelve months if I did that.