Tuesday, October 25, 2011


As I leave my post with the office after two years, I find myself reminiscing about my time here. Mostly good, though some outrageous. Voted by coworkers, here are my top moments with the Bank:

3. My Starbucks explanation at staff meeting - One crisp January afternoon I began a 5 block walk back to the office down Congress Ave. I had just had a very positive interview with another bank. The world was my oyster as I scooted down the street. To my delight I ran into a friend. She too was excited on this happening and demanded she buy me a coffee. I agreed - a free cup of coffee AND some time to catch up? Life was looking up indeed. We chatted and then I noticed the time - almost 3 pm - time for the Bank weekly staff meeting back at the office.

Now let me give you a little back story on these weekly Bank Meetings. It typically involved about 1 hour of people staring at each other with little being said. That actually summarizes my reason for departure. But I digress...

On that cool winter day, day I was feeling particularly punk, so when it was my turn to give any updates, etc. I merely stated a friend who works for XXXXX bought me a cup of coffee and that gave me an opportunity to inform her on the Bank and how it could help. Now XXXX is for a large organization and my friend a very prominent person in that organization. Anyways, bewildered by my comment, the Director just ignored what I said and went on to the next person's follow up. Me? I didn't think anything of it. But one coworker in-particular found it completely hilarious I would share a Starbucks story at the staff meeting. So hilarious that it was brought up from January until the present day of writing. Thus it is now #3 on my memorable moments.

2. Answering the fax machine - Before working at the Bank I was unemployed. D and I had traveled from coast-to-coast and with the looming financial crisis, obviously I could not find a job. Needless to say after being out of the job market for 19 months, I was feeling a little less than confident on my general office skills. A few weeks after starting with the Bank I heard a phone ringing. I looked around...where was this phone? And then I saw the fax machine. It was ringing! Now, I claim no expertise on fax machines, but I am pretty sure I had actually never heard a fax machine that rang and rang with out starting the robotic beeps and purrs almost automatically. So this fax machine keeps ringing...it must not be a working fax machine. So like any person would, I walked over to answer it. Well, when I answered with a cheerful, "hello", I was greeting by those all to familiar bips. Sheepishly I put the phone receiver down and went about my day, not realizing coworkers had seen my move. Going forward, anytime the fax machine rang, I was gently reminded NOT to answer it. That's #2 folks.

1. Stapling my hand - One morning I went over to the intern's desk to follow up on a task. I went to lean on the desk and...OUCH...there was a staple in my index finger. How did that happen you ask? Well, as I went to place my hand on the intern's desk, I placed my fingers inside the stapler, and when I leaned, I pressed on the top part of the stapler. Brilliant!
Now after the staple went into my finger I started wailing about (silently). Natalie, the greatest intern ever, grabbed my hand and pulled the staple out. Everyone around just stared in shock. Who...puts their hand inside of a stapler and thinks that is a good idea? Me. That's Who. #1 people. Pure absurdity is how a story makes itself #1.

This is a photo of my map with push pins representing everywhere I have traveled for the Office.