Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Dallas Vacay

We spent the weekend in Dallas visiting old friends, family and making new friends! We drove up Friday evening and stayed with Mo 'n Greg at their fabulous house they share with Jake and soon-to-be Zachery Kristian due in October. They are going to make wonderful parents! The most hilarious thing was when Eppe saw big 'ol Jake she was so in love with him! The entire time we were there she had to be next to him. Jake was so sweet and let her pet, hug and kiss him.

On Saturday we drove into Dallas proper, walked around SMU and drove up to see Joon, Mia, Claudia and Jenny at their new house. We hadn't seen them since Claudia was a baby, and now she was almost 5! Unbelievable how time has flown. Mia, as always, made amazing Korean dishes that are so yummy.
After seeing all of our friends we rushed back to our hotel room to get ready for S&S's engagement party extravaganza. It was so beautiful and a blast to see everyone. Pictures will be posted of the events once we get a replacement wire to connect the camera to the computer. Technology can be so very difficult.

Thursday, June 24, 2010

Ear Tube Surgery Day

Yesterday was surgery day for E. After barely sleeping the night before, I was eager to get going to the hospital. They took E in for surgery at 8:40am and at 9:05 am the doc was in our waiting area saying how awesome she did...though the whole time I had to resist my urge to run back to the recovery room and hold my sweetie!
Here's a pic before the procedure...

And the photo afterwards

Monday, June 21, 2010

Approaching 18 months

I just love this photo we took of E in Gruene on Saturday. She will be 18 months on Sunday...what an amazing 1.5 years it has been for us!

Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Kissy Kissy

Sooooo, I went to pick Little E up at school yesterday and the teachers told me they caught her kissing a boy under the sink! My little angel is almost 18 months old, what is she doing??? After my shock wore off, the teachers were practically giggling telling me how she was kissing Logan when they found them. They went to get a camera, but didn't have time. Ohhh, how I would have loved to have seen that kiss. What a great photo to remind her with in about 15 years! I'm going to take a pic of the "love nest" under the sink and post it, so we can always remember where her first kiss was!

Friday, June 11, 2010

Look at her Now

I love my little girl!