Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Things I've Googled This Week

1) "Why are honeycrisp apples so tasty?"
Honeycrisp apples are very tasty! Unfortunately no definitive answer as to WHY
could be found.

2) "wei wang is my dad"
Long Story

3) "frankincense, myrrh, diarrhea"
Even longer story

What did you find yourself googling this week?

Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Christmas Awards

Most people realize that around Christmas time is when award season picks up. The BAFTAS, OSCARS, Golden Globes and of course E's Preschool Award Ceremony.

Last night I am proud to report that E swept the Athletes (her class name) in all categories: the Friendship Award, The Sharing Award and the Helping Hands award. Watch the videos below:

Monday, December 12, 2011

Planet of The Apes, Or Reasons Why "Planet of the Apes" is my favorite Christmas Movie

You never know how or when a christmas tradition will begin. Mine began with out me realizing it. One Christmas many, many years ago, (probably 1988) I found myself watching television in my room. I had an old television in my room at the time. The kind of tv that had analog and only received about 5 stations. I found myself one evening transfixed by a movie on t.v. This movie was called, "Planet of the Apes". I cannot give just one reason why I couldn't tear myself away, but I just could not even blink. This movie about talking apes and a man named Taylor....this was just the kind of movie I had always wanted to see (years later my husband finally told me I liked movies in the Science Fiction genre. My Oprah Ah-Ha! moment).

Another reason 1988's Christmas sticks in my mind is not only was that my first time to see Planet of the Apes, but it was also the first time my parent's house received carolers. Now usually having random people ring your doorbell to sing christmas carols would be insanely fun, but not when Planet of the Apes is on! C'mon people! I am eight years old! Let me enjoy my movie in peace! Also I remember my grandparents visiting that year from New York. With all of these activities I now find it peculiar I chose to spend the evening in my room watching POTA. But I digress.

Whenever Thanksgiving is in the rear view window, I find myself so eager to have my annual review of Planet of the Apes. Thankfully with technology, the movie is available at my delight to watch instantaneously. This year, the good people of HBO have given me my delight. Thank you HBO.

Saying that, with this being my 15th or perhaps 20th time watching the movie I thought I would give some reasons why I think "Planet of the Apes" is the best christmas movie of all times.

1. No Matter What, Some Women Have Bad Taste in Men

During the movie Taylor, the protagonist, finds himself drawn to this beautiful brunette he decides to call Nova. Now Nova is a meek woman. She was captured by the gorillas in the same field as. She is scared, but like Taylor, drawn to this man the scientists call Bright Eyes. The screen shot was taken just after she escapes from captivity to be with Taylor. Her face is obvious - she is wondering a big WTF. She has just left the safety of captivity to be with this unknown. Her facial expression has a close resemblance to the last shot in 'The Graduate' When the two lovers escape onto the bus to realize they have no plans beyond the moment that has passed them by. So Nova is attracted to this bad boy if you will. This goes to show, that no matter what planet in the universe, some women will always be attracted to the bad boy. Thankfully for our girl Nova, Taylor is not only a bad boy, but a highly intelligent man from another planet...

2. For Being so smart...You Sure Are Dumb

Taylor, our hero astronaut, has flown for millions of miles for our great country. This mission was ambitious. Only the select few of few were chosen. I can only imagine Taylor's resume reads something out of the extraordinary. The science-y stuff he must know. For knowing all of this, I find it awfully peculiar that when he stands before what is obviously the Grand Canyon. He doesn't, for an instance, say, "Golly-gee. This sure does look like the Grand Canyon". C'mon now, Bright Eyes!

3. No matter what Planet you are on, Fashion Reigns King

POTA was filmed in 1968. How little the set designers and stylists would understand about our world of 2011. But let's all take a minute and obsess over this gorilla's boots. Aren't they just fabulous?