Thursday, October 28, 2010

Friday Night Cinema - on Thursday

Bonjour, Ya'll!

It's been awhile since I've updated. Well the big news we've been holding close is that we BOUGHT A HOUSE! More details to follow when I post the pictures and all the details!

Ok, So we've been holding onto our most recent DVD rental for about 2 weeks now, "Magnificent Destination" a documentary about the space shuttle program. Recently I've been on a kick on NASA, space travel and really all things science related. My secret dream is that E becomes a science superstar, and her interest stemming from our DVD picks. Yes I realize that is pretty absurd.
Unfortunately for the DVD queue, my obsession with space means bombarding it with anything space-related. So until I actually watch the movie we rented, I've decided to go old school.

Thanks to the miraculous Netflix website that keeps a list of every movie ever rented or watched instantly, I'm going to review movies that I watched one year ago. So below are all movies we watched around the end of October/beginning of November in 2009. Doing this is my version of time-travel through my awesome movie watching. So we can consider this a science experiment because it is science related. Kinda.

1. RocknRolla: A Guy Ritchie action paced movie on English mobsters. Woah, that is deep (insert sarcasm). Thandie Newton starred in this comedic, action packed adventure. She usually choses interesting roles, so I was excited to see what she would bring to the table. Gerard Butler (300 Hottie) also starred. He was so amazing in 300 that ever since that, all other film choices have just been meh. Anyways to be honest, I do not remember the movie much at all. I gave it 3 stars meaning in Netflix world that i "liked" it. But if I like a film I usually rate it 4 stars, so I'm assuming I wasn't impressed with Guy Ritchie's latest flick. Though I haven't been impressed with much of anything he's done lately.

2. Pollock: Biopic on famed artist Pollock. From his humble beginnings to watching him find his iconic style and continuing onto his death. Ed Harris starred and directed. He did a great job. Bio pics are Hit or Miss most of the time and this one Hit Hard. It kept moving and kept me entertained. Well if after a biopic movie ends and I find myself on Wikipedia, than I liked the film. It's an older film (2000), but a great flick to watch anytime you can.

3. Roy Orbison: Black and White: This has a blazing 5 Stars. If you have PBS (and watch it!) you've probably seen excerpts of this concert of Roy Orbison rocking his awesome tunes. D is a huge Orbison fan, so he loved watching this.

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