Friday, July 2, 2010

Our week in review

Another charming week in the House of Norman. Let's see where to begin...
Miss E said a slew of new words this week. Some of the new verbiage includes: hot dog, car, door, hi doggie, keys, cracker and don't forget poo poo! Also this week E went to her 18-month check up. She is weighing in at a lofty 23 pounds and stands proudly at 32 inches. The nurse went ahead and guesstimated her future height to be...get this...are you ready....5'7"! What? Never in my wildest dreams did I think anyone related to moi would be so tall. I'm not trying to get my hopes up, but that is exciting to image. And to think I had always dreamed of being 5'4"! What a world!

Other than that, we've been keeping pretty low key. We have been eating tons of hamburgers from Whole Foods. They are having this amazing special on seasoned patties for $1. They come in delightful flavors like bleu cheese, bacon 'n cheese and spicy steakhouse. Needless to say, Dax has been having an absolute blast during dinner. Every bite is better than the last. As for me, I'm still talking to myself about working out and wishing I never started watching 'The L-Word' on our Roku. It's definitely a show I can't stop watching. Mostly I admire their hair, makeup and beautiful ensembles of clothing. They all dress so adorable! Though there is a tendency for the melodramatic. Oh but the best thing ever was I finally got a new iPhone. After two years, one of those with a much discussed cracked screen, we updated our iPhones. I got a 3GS and D is getting the 4G. I'm absolutely loving getting to take vids whenever I want, and then being able to instantly upload them. voila!

Below is a vid of E being super giggly. My ponytail was cracking her up this evening. Who knew a crappy hairstyle could be so much fun!

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