Monday, July 19, 2010

Hamilton Pool

Last weekend, or possibly, the weekend prior, D and I took Little E to Hamilton Pool in Dripping Springs. It...was...gor-gaws! After we trekked down the .25 mile trail we were welcomed by the beautiful water and grotto. The best part nobody else was there with us. So for the time we were there, it was our private island. a la Lost scenery for sure! E had a wonderful time until she started not to (please see the video below for further explanation)

The walk back up to the car was less than ideal, Miss E is definitely entering the Terrible 2's a little early. She became super unhappy and had a complete meltdown. By now we were attempting to run up the incline with a screaming tot with lots of onlookers. Definitely something that became funny only after the fact.

Other than that, nothing much is new with us. What is new with you???

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