Thursday, August 5, 2010

E. Potter

E has been wearing these silly glasses a lot lately. When she does she looks just like Harry Potter! It's absolutely adorable. I told D that could be a cute family costume idea for Halloween - E as Harry Potter, and us as the other 2 (we have never read or seen the films, so I'm just going off commercials). This is the best picture we have snapped of E wearing her Harry Potter glasses - but trust me - it's really really cute!

E started a new school on Monday. We think she likes it, but the change is kind of hard on her. At her old school, she walked into the building and knew which class was hers, but at Rosewood, she is still trying to get used to it. The cool thing is on the 2nd day of class when I went to pick her up...the two teachers in her room exclaimed [loudly], "She's so smart!!!". They went on to tell me how she can say and point to her nose and ears. I grinned smugly because E knows way more body parts than that. From top to bottom - head, eyes, nose, mouth, ears, teeth, elbow, hands, fingers, knees, toes and feet. This week we have been working on shoulders and tongue. Any requests out there for other body parts she should work on???

Also E's vocabulary is really skyrocketing. Getting the ear tubes has been life changing for all of us. Last night we were in the kitchen and she heard some kids outside. She pointed at the window and said, "Baby Outside". Hey kids...that's a sentence! And yes I do believe she is the smartest tot of them all!

Since this post has become more bragging than informative, I'll continue with other outstanding things she does. The one we are probably most proud about is her nighttime routine. At 7:30pm D will look at E and say, "Are you ready to go to sleep?". E will climb off the couch, find Pinky (if he's not in her crib), walk into her room and stand by the crib waiting to be placed in. We give her tons of kisses and leave the room. Wha???? seriously...isn't that a tad bit amazing?!?!? FYI: we do other things before that also. Like read, "Goodnight Moon" and "Feed Matisse's Fish".
Ok enough bragging for one day. But like they ain't bragging if it's true!


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