Monday, August 9, 2010


What a frightful day....

D and Baby E have been vacationing in exotic Houston since Thursday. Well, D went to New Orleans for his brother's much anticipated Bachelor Party Extravaganza. It must have been fun...

Anyways this afternoon I was just sitting at my desk stressing about things that really don't matter in life when my phone rings. Caller ID said it was my main dish. He told me E had fallen down the stairs and landed on her head at his parents house. I have never felt so scared and lost before. They took her to the hospital and the doctor's said she was fine, but to monitor her over the evening. I ended up just leaving work because I was absolutely beside myself with stress and my stomach was in knots! D thankfully kept sending videos and pictures of our sweetie and that made me feel a tad bit better, but I'm still walking around in a daze. Here's a pic he snapped of her bathing. You can really see the 2 strawberry's on her forehead.

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