Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Cupcakes Galore

A post ago I promised to upload pics from the Epic Wedding of 2010. Guess what? Haven't done it yet. But guess what? I do have a video of Baby E enjoying a wedding cupcake at the Sunday Brunch. In case you ever questioned who's Baby she is with...the way she is enjoying the cupcake obviously shows the apple hast noth fall frometh thy tree. D and I can take down any cupcake, anywhere, any flavor. Never forget that!!!

OK, enough of my crazed cupcake ramblings. Other things besides cupcake obsessions have been going on. Our dearest friends, Ximena and Eric came to visit last weekend. They brought along the sweetest little girl in the world...Baby J! It was our first time to meet their sunshine, yet when I finally got to hold her, it felt like we had been there every step of the way. Ximena and Eric made living in California live-able and love-able, so not getting to share in all of their happiness can make me sad. Do you want to hear a crazy thing? I will be posting pics of our wonderful time with them once I figure out how to upload pictures. favorite storyline.


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